Glocalnet Turbo Training

Glocalnet (Bob Roberts' ministry) is putting on a conference in February.  If I were anywhere near the area I would make the effort to be there, not only because I think Roberts is an important missional leader, but because the other main speaker is Matt Chandler.  Here's some info, but find all of it at Glocalnet

What is it?

Glocalnet, in partnership with Glocal Ventures, Inc. and Vision360 DFW, trains Church Planters, Senior Pastors, Mission Pastors, and Business Leaders how to instill a Kingdom mindset in those whom they lead. Turbo Training combine the best of Glocalnet’s Church Planter Training and Glocal Ventures’ Global Engagement training in a two-day intensive.

Who is it for?

Turbos are specifically designed to train Church Planters first and foremost. However, Pastors of existing churches and business leaders have discovered the benefits of the Turbos.

What are the benefits?

Church Planters: Starting your church with a missional DNA that focuses your people not just on their neighborhoods and cities, but their state, their nation, and other nations around the world. (Acts 1:8)

Pastors: Tired of urging your people to get out of their seats and do something, only to have them stare at you like a deer in headlights? Turbos will equip and excite you to move your people forward into their “glocal” community!

Business Leaders:  God called you to use your business to make a Kingdom impact.  We live in a flat world today. With technology and communications making huge strides, there is no reason why you should not be engaging societies around the world with your vocation. We’ll teach you how!