Mission to Suburbia

Suburbs_crop_words_2My resource page for the mission to suburban America: blogs, books, websites, stats, etc.  This stuff will be mostly suburb-specific, though I will make exceptions.  Some are Christian resources, some are not.  NEW! means it's new to the list, not necessarily a truly new resource.  Let me know if you know of resources that should be listed here.



Joe Thorn
Missio Dei Suburbia

The Suburban Christian (Al Hsu, The Suburban Christian)
Living Missionally in Suburban America


Death by Suburb by David Goetz
     Death by Suburb website
     CT Review
The Suburban Christian by Al Hsu
The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre
The Good Life by David Matzko McCarthy
Justice in the Burbs by Will & Lisa Samson
Geography of Nowhere | Home from Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler - NEW!
Suburban Nation by Duany, et al


<>Christian Resources<>

-Ten Ideas for Living Intentionally in the Suburbs (Chris Smith)
-Cutting Edge Summer 2007 on Suburbia - Vinyard Church Planting
-Suburban Spirituality by David Goetz
-God of the Latte: Faith in the Suburbs by Lauren Winner (on Hsu's The Suburban Christian and Goetz's Death by Suburb)
-Seeking God in the Suburbs (printable) - interview of Hsu and Goetz
-Religion in the 'Burbs by Agnieszka Tennant
-The Gospel and the God-Forsaken: The Challenge of the Missional Church in Suburbia (PDF) by Todd Hiestand
-Bowling Alone No More by Mark Galli

David Brooks
-Patio Man and the Sprawl People
-Bobos in Paradise

<>Cultural Resources<>

-Goodbye, Suburbia (& video) - NEW!
-The End of Suburbia (DVD) - NEW! (get on Netflix)
-Living Large, by Design, In the Middle of Nowhere
-Finding Exurbia: America's Fast-Growing Communities at the Metropolitan Fringe
-Could Rising Gas Prices Kill the Suburbs?
-Is it Time to Move to the Suburbs?: Homogenous Cities Are Making the Cul de Sac the New Downtown

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