Music Monday 11.5.07

SufjanquiltySufjan: "The Hula Hoop vs The BQE".  Speaking of The BQE...

Tonight [11.1.07], at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Sufjan Stevens will debut The BQE, a 30-minute symphonic and cinematic exploration of New York City’s infamous Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. A controversial roadway since its inception in the 1930s, the BQE tears through 11.7 miles of Brooklyn and Queens, severing neighborhoods, pillaging industrial yards, and contouring waterways with the brute force of modern urban planning.  (Read the rest)

A preview...

Stream the new Grizzly Bear EP: Friend, and download "Alligator" (with Feat, Dirty Projectors and Beirut!).

Foo I'm really diggin' the new Foo Fighters (MySpace) album: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.  Great 45 minute interview with Dave Grohl on Fresh Air.  Grohl, if you don't know, was Nirvana's drummer.

I know, you need more Foo.  Here's some old school Foo, "Learn to Fly"...

And the new single, "The Pretender," has a very cool video...

Check out some new chipper cheerleader dance music from The Go! Team: "Doing it Right."

If you haven't heard The Besnard Lakes (I've pimped them before), you need to.  Check them out on this podcast from Sound Opinions.  They are about 1/3 of the way through.

I discovered Dead Confederate through KEXP's Live Performances podcast.  They rocked.  Oh, do listen!  Also on MySpace.

A final word. One of my favorite music magazines is Paste.  Good articles, reviews (on more than just music), and a nice CD full of new music (full songs) with each issue.  Paste is now letting you name your price for a subscription.

For a limited time, name your own price for a one-year subscription to Paste. Yes, it's up to you. What's it worth to have a great read and a great listen delivered to your door every month?

11 issues and 11 CDs (roughly 220 songs) covering the best in music, film and culture.  On the newsstand, one year of Paste costs $65.45; one-year subscriptions are $19.95.  In February, we will recognize those who pay the most (more than the subscription price) in the magazine—and we even made it easy for you to give gifts.

For more about Paste Magazine, including previous covers, CD samplers, awards and more, visit our overview.