Three Albums

Blind_musicBaaahhhh!  I've been tagged by Stephen Shields.  I need to provide...

- three albums that I recommend you buy if you don’t already have them and

- three bloggers I’m tagging so that they’ll blog what three albums they recommend and the three bloggers they’ll tag and so forth:

It's hard to do this when I already recommend so much in my Music Monday posts.  So what I'll do is recommend the top 3 albums I think people who generally only listen to Christian or radio music must buy in order to stretch their understanding and enjoyment of music.  I think these will broaden your musical horizons.  I also recommend a couple of songs from each album.

Three albums I recommend you buy are...
1. Beirut: Gulag Orkestar  (Voice, horns, and transportation to another culture in another time.  Brilliant.  Songs: "Postcards from Italy," "Brandenburg")
2. Joanna Newsom: Ys (A woodland creature inviting us beyond the thicket and into the magic. Songs: "Monkey and Bear" - but really crucial to hear whole album in order.)
3. Sufjan Stevens: Illinois (Hyper-creative folksy melodic wonders.  Songs: "John Wayne Gacy, Jr.," "Decatur")

1. Kevin Cawley (Because he has great musical taste.  Expect Pinback.)
2. Joe Thorn (Because he hates these sorts of things and his response or lack of will show whether he truly loves me.  Expect Opeth.)
3. Justin Taylor (Because I REALLY want to see what his musical tastes are.  Expect...The Gaithers?)