Lots-o-Links 10.30.07

It wouldn't work for me, but Sprint's new HTC Touch might be a nice phone for those who can't afford an iPhone.

As the father of an autistic son, I take notice when pediatricians urge autism screening for all children.  We know our son would have been diagnosed sooner (he was diagnosed at just about 3 years old) because the symptoms were there.  The article says they urge screening because "early therapy can lessen its severity."  We can testify that therapy greatly helped our son, and we urge parents of autistic children to find similar therapy all the time.

Check out SBTS lectures from philosopher Alvin Plantinga.
Gary Rohrmayer is talking "Evangelistic Entropy."
Dave Zimmerman at IVP has some advice for writing books.
Five Reasons Why Churches Cannot Ignore Branding
A 9 Marks Workshop is online for free
Seattle P-I: Mars Hill makes faith cool for 20-somethings

I'm going to see Gone Baby Gone this week.  It's getting great reviews.