Joe Thorn is trying to sell me on a different way to do GTD.  Considering it.

Just watched this message from Scott Hodge at the Innovate Conference and enjoyed it.  Scott is a pastor in Aurora, IL and blogger.

Church planting QnA with Kevin Cawley.

Darryl Dash reports on Tim Keller's message, "What Are the Risks for Evangelicals."

Free audiobook: The Life of David Brainerd.

Have you browsed the ESV Literary Study Bible yet?  I have a copy.  Enjoying it so far.  Should have some thoughts on it late this week or after our vacation in a couple of weeks. 

By the way, have I mentioned my family is going to Disney World?  Woohoo!  My Great Aunt died and left money to my Mom (who died in April).  So that went to me, my brother and my sister.  We knew there would be little or no opportunity to hit Disney for years to come and decided that we, after a very long and difficult summer, could use a pretty serious break.  So next week we head to Orlando.  Very excited, but not nearly as much as our kids.  God has provided so much for us in a very strapped period of life.  We are so thankful.  I'm sure photos and videos are to come.