Stand: Desiring God Conference

Chiari-head and I are going to the Desiring God Conference tomorrow.  The kids are hanging in town (thanks Hoekstras and Fabians!), playing soccer on Saturday, going to church, yadda.  Me and my honey are going to get our Piper on. 

Here are the top 10 things I/we hope to accomplish this weekend.

10. Spend three days looking into my wife's eyes (and hope that is followed by something fun that married people do when no kids are around).
9. Take some photos of objects that don't have our kids in front of them.
8. Make a wrong turn, and be ok with it.
7. Overhear that the Cubs actually won a game.
6. Sleep naked, with no concern that the kids will walk in and see...well, you know.
5. Buy a bunch-o-books.  Last time (2004) we really scored!
4. Wonder at the brilliance that is Justin Taylor.
3. Eat a Scotch Egg (or two!) and consume a pint (or two!) at Brit's Pub.
2. Miss our kids.
1. Spend three days remembering how to shut up and listen to God.