Great slideshow about what it's like being a Cubs fan.  When you are a Cubs fan you are more than a fan of a team or a sport.  Love this slideshow.  By the way, if you make some stupid comment about the Cubs or your particular team, I will ban you as a commenter for life.  Deal with it. :)

Spiritual Warfare 101 & Satanic Stratagems

Hearing John Piper do QnA is always a good time, and very encouraging.  This one was at Wheaton.  Here are the rest of his Wheaton messages.
Bryan Chapell on Expository Preaching
ETS papers
Cawley talks Nation of Rebels

Christian Bale is one of my favorite living actors.
Artist and IAM founder, Makoto Fujimura: "Creating into the Void"
Chicago's literary all-stars reflect on their city

Get outta bed you lazy bum
How a writer uses GTD (What's GTD?)