Just Another Chiari Update

Dsc_004020070830Just wanted to quickly update you on what life looks like several weeks after Molly's surgery. 

The three biggest problems right now are...

1. Molly can't lift much of anything.  Still under 5 lbs right now.  That's to keep from ripping her neck muscles apart.  Once we were out to eat and she was stranded at the counter with a tray full of food and drinks that was too heavy.  The kids and I were like, "Where's Mom?"  I went looking and found m'lady looking in need of rescue.  Fortunately I have muscles to spare!
2. You know how you will go to bed and just start to drift off to sleep and then jolt yourself awake?  Molly still has a little of that.  That's really the only remaining symptom, and it's so insignificant we usually don't even talk about it.
3. Molly is just dying to start working out more, but can't do much yet.  She is walking on the treadmill and that's about it. 

Yeah, after an awful summer and long post-surgery recovery life is pretty much back to normal.  We took a train trip into Chicago yesterday with the kids and she did great.  We don't assume there will never be any Chiari related stuff in our lives again.  We know that symptoms could come back someday.  That keeps us on our toes and thankful for the time that things are great, like now. 

By the way, the best question we get asked is, "So, what did you guys do this summer?"  Love that, because we will unload the story on people and enjoy their disbelief.  It's quite the conversation starter.  It also stops conversations.  Like when someone is whining about their silly problems and I drop the Chiari-bomb all over them.  They suddenly have nothing to say about their lives. :)

I have a short list of things I'd like to reflect on now that we have some distance from the symptoms and surgery.  I'll try to get them written sometime soon.  And the next appointment with the surgeon is in mid-October.