Spiritual Conversations

Gary Rohrmayer adds another post on spiritual conversations (I already linked to the 3 by 5 rule).  His four points so far have been...

1. Make it a priority (3x5 rule)

If leaders are going to be serious about connecting with people they need to uncover at least 5 new contacts a day, equaling about 35 a week, which will lead to 3 "sit-downs" for a meaningful conversation.

2. Pray for opportunities

I remember praying one morning, “Lord, it has been a while time since I led someone to you. Open the doors and show me who I need to speak to today.”

3. Get out and into your community

I encourage church planters to think about tithing their time to community service and interaction.

4. Establish routines and cultivate relationships

I encourage leaders to establish routines and patterns so that you build relational presence with business owners and servers.

Gary concludes...

I learned a simple lesson over twenty-five years ago from an old missionary who said these words to me, “Gary you can’t serve God where you are not!” That statement helped me move away from dreaming about future ministry to engaging myself in the daily personal ministry right in front of me every day.

Next week Gary will be writing about creating spiritual thirst in our conversations.

What do you think?