Gun Scare at My Hometown High School

Schoollockdown_2A church member alerted me today that there was a gun scare at Pontiac Township High School, the school I graduated from in 1991.  They found 6 guns and arrested 3, and no one was hurt.  The photo is found with the USA Today article.  I believe, though I can't be sure, the dude on the right is John Cox who graduated in '91 as well.

From the Pantagraph link below, quoting my brother...

“The police departments, school district and the students worked together to make this work,” Mayor Scott McCoy said. “Where this started was with an observant student who brought it to the attention of someone that needed to know. There are a lot of heroes here but there is one major hero and that is the student who stood up and did what he or she had to do to make sure that their fellow students and classmates were safe.

“There is a student right there that I can’t wait to meet,” said McCoy, who also commended police and school districts for working together.

“What we have today is something very minor to what could have obviously happened,” he said. “This is due to the due diligence of the police departments and school districts working together with this Code Red.

“The city is safe, school is safe, and all of our students are safe, and that is a direct statement to how well our police department had done and how they reacted to the situation.”

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