Grudem & Baptism & Piper, O My!

Piper UPDATE: Grudem has now responded to Piper.

Here we go again.  Wayne Grudem tweaks his take on baptism and church membership in his Systematic Theology (HT:JT), and Piper isn't happy with the results.  Justin Taylor writes...

Grudem previously argued for "allowing both views of baptism [i.e., paedobaptism and credobaptism] to be taught and practiced in denominations on both sides of the question." Grudem has since changed his mind.

Remember Piper going through this issue with his church and constitution?  From his response to Grudem...

Evidently, Wayne is not so sure any more that we should make the effort to overcome the divisions among evangelicals for the sake of welcoming true brothers and sisters as members in the local church. I think his first edition was closer to the biblical balance.

I originally posted on this issue back in September of 2005.