Derek Webb Interview

Webb_2I really enjoyed Said at Southern's two-part podcast interview with Derek Webb (one, two) and encourage you to give it a listen.

One thing I love about Webb is his musical and creative progress, as well as his theological progress over the years from the gospel to the implications of the gospel.  His Caedmon's and early solo writing is more gospel and his current stuff is more implications.  This is how we all should progress, right?  Some think that an album like Mockingbird shows gospel changes in Webb, but I think that's a steaming pile.  His second interview shows that his thinking on the gospel hasn't changed except that he has actually tried to work out the implications of the gospel. 

I also love the discussion on labels (they ask him several very good questions) and how hard Webb tries to avoid them and why.  Even as the first half of this interview drew fire from the more reformed crowd, Webb proves himself more humble and more thoughtful and more generous than that crowd in the second interview (which was obviously recorded at the same time as the first and before he knew the response). 

Some don't like Webb for his thoughts on politics, or friendship with Don Miller or Jim Wallis, but these interviews show that Webb is one of the most thoughtful, helpful, dynamic, engaging and self-aware artists out there.  He personifies what it means to be able to hold tight to truth and theology while still listening to other voices. 

Congrats to Tony and the Said at Southern folk.  It was not only a good interview, but it challenged me to think about the gospel, faithfulness, music, and more.  And I love the fact that this interview is done by a website that includes the name of Southern Seminary even as the interview brought fire on Webb from SBTS alumni.  Funny...and sad.