Dan Cruver & Adoption

I wanted to send a quick shout out about Dan Cruver of Eucatastrophe, who has recently started working with Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency.  I first got to know Dan about a year and a half ago.  He emailed me about some Keller stuff and we have kept up on each other's blogs ever since. 

My wife and I have considered adopting in the past, and we may revisit that idea again someday.  It's good to know guys like Dan are working to bring small "r" redemption to little ones around the world.  He writes on his blog...

My responsibilities are (1) networking with pastors/churches, mission agencies, children’s homes, and other organizations to inform them of Carolina Hope’s established full-service adoption ministry; (2) speaking in churches, Bible study groups, and other venues to present adoption within the context of the larger story of redemption; and (3) writing content for Carolina Hope’s website and articles for publication. If you know of a ministry that might be interested in having me come to speak on orphan ministry in general and adoption in particular, please let me know.

I hope by mentioning Dan's ministry here that someone might be able to connect with his ministry.