Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and Some Dudes

Sam Storms' response to the whole baptism and the Lord's Supper thing that has been buzzing around online: "Piper, Grudem, Dever, et al, on Baptism, the Lord's Table, and Church Membership (just how "Together for the Gospel" are we?)"

I read the article this morning but with no direct link available (and some grocery shopping to do) I left it alone.  In the mean time Glenn Lucke wrote a great post and Abraham Piper quoted some Storms.

You need to read the whole Storm's article for context, but I agree with him and loved this paragraph...

My this: How can we claim to be "together" or "united" for the sake of the gospel and turn away a brother or sister from the very expression and proclamation of that gospel that is so central to the life and testimony of the church? What does this prohibition say to the world around us? What must they think of our professed "togetherness" or "unity" when the elements of the Eucharist would be withheld from a brother such as Ligon Duncan?