Music Monday 7.23.07

Woven_handThough I haven't found them in a store yet, I'm on the lookout for 16 Horsepower and Woven Hand (MySpace).  David Eugene Edwards is involved in both (or was, in the case of 16 Horsepower) and both have a thick spiritual flavor.  Check this powerful Paste Magazine article, "Woven Hand: The Uncomfortable Faith of David Eugene Edwards." A quote...

Woven_hand1 "I'm just singing from first-hand experience of how wretched people are. And I don't need to go any further than myself," says Edwards of his body of work, formed first as the lead vocalist and main songwriter behind Appalachian goth-folk outfit 16 Horsepower and now the center of his solo project, the more experimental Woven Hand. "I don’t have to point my finger at anybody else, because there is no need." In so doing, Edwards, like Cash, creates a world rendered in stark black and white, peopled with characters that murder and steal and frantically try to stay one step ahead of the judgment they know is trailing them. As with Cash, Edwards uses his personal frailties and deep Christian faith to make unsettling comments on the human condition that are designed for a purpose startlingly out of step with the majority of contemporary entertainment: Edwards aims to make his listener uncomfortable.

16 Horsepower

"Hutterite Mile" - Fantastic.  Brilliant!

This cover of "Alone and Forsaken" is great, though there are some feedback issues.

Woven Hand

"Winter Shaker"

"White Bird"