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A handful of things that you need to know, hear, see, or read...

- Tonight I will probably put up a single post that I will update throughout Molly's surgery and hospital stay.  I will try to keep updates at the top of the page with time stamps on the page so you can read what has happened as they happened.  The hospital says it has wifi throughout, so being online and live-blogging the next few days shouldn't be much of a problem.

- Please start immediately downloading Stereogum's tribute to Radiohead's OK Comupter.  It's free and includes some great bands like Dave Bazan's Black Cloud, Cold War Kids, and Twilight Sad.  It's not Radiohead, but it's still fun.  By the way, they aren't going to leave these free mp3's up forever so grab them asap.  Couldn't wait for Music Monday on this one.

- JJ Abrams.  1-18-08.  Nuff said.

- Drew Goodmanson on The Gospel Awakening (file through his posts on triperspectivalism too).

- John Piper on Why We Should Have Courage to Speak About Christ.

- Gary Rohrmayer on Sharpening Your Evangelistic Skills.

- I don't know if I've mentioned it before, bu there is now a version of 2 Ways to Live for kids

- Darrin Patrick's The Journey Church has done a service by providing this Keller-oriented Religion and the Gospel.