It's All Good (Post-Surgery Appt)

Dsc_001120070726Great news today.  Despite another awful drive to the U of Chicago (rain, accidents, ugh), Dr. Frim and his colleagues thought things were great and that Molly's few remaining issues were normal. 

Actually, the only issue that really concerned us was lightheadedness when Molly stands up.  Dr. Frim told us that lightheadedness is not only not a bad thing, it's actually a good thing.  Now that the brain/brain stem area is decompressed her CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) just falls out of her head, so to speak, making her lightheaded.  To have this problem at times post-surgery means the area is sufficiently decompressed.  And eventually her body will compensate and this issue should go away.  Awesome.

So, yeah, really good news.  We are very, very thankful to God for his many blessings in recovery, but also for the peace we have had throughout these two scary months. 

Things are going so well we are beginning to plan a train trip into Chicago with the kids in a couple of weeks (or so), a trip to see my family soon, and more.  Trust me, Molly is still taking it slow.  It's still months before she can lift anything of any weight at all and she is being extra cautious.  But things like walking, driving, and doing most other normal life activities are based on how she feels.  And she feels great.

Thanks yet again for praying for my wife, for me and for our kids.