Live Blogging Nowhere Near the 2007 SBC

Hello!  Thanks for reading as I live-blog all day today.  I'm absolutely nowhere near the SBC in San Antonio, but I knew that some of you who have gotten use to me and Joe Thorn blogging the SBC (2005, 2006) would be in withdrawal.  So we have decided to live-blog throughout the day so that you have some relief from the absurdity of what is happening in San Antonio.  I'm live-blogging my day, and Joe Thorn is photoblogging his day (Joe's first and second and third post).

I woke up late today with no meetings to go to, no sessions starting, no hotel wake-up call to get me out of my bed.  I was a little tired because I stayed up late last night to watch Letters from Iwo Jima.  Some movie.

And Molly postponed waking me because she wanted to wake me up to the smell of bacon and eggs on the table.  Yeah buddy.  Molly and Sarah made the goods, and Elijah and Daniel wanted to sneak a bit of bacon early, so Mom had them set the table for a strip apiece.  Then we all sat together, sang a song of thankfulness, and devoured eggs, bacon, english muffins, and a fruit bowl (pineapple, apples, bananas).  Delicious.  We also played "20 Questions," a favorite table game for our family where we take turns thinking up a person, place, or thing and then ask questions to figure it out.  When we sit at the table we often take our time and enjoy one another.

I took an extra-warm shower to provide me some relief from my back issues, and it felt good.  Oh, and I washed myself too.  I put on some jeans and a button up short-sleeved shirt and and am leaving to go to my local coffee shop to get some work done.  I spent a few minutes talking with Molly first, to see how she is feeling today.  She is doing worse than yesterday, but better than two days ago.

Off to the coffee shop.