Family Health Update

Ugh.  Important news...

1. Molly's surgery has been postponed.  When? Dunno.  They wanted to cancel until we talked with the main neurosurgeon at the University of Chicago, Dr. Frim.

2. We are meeting with Dr. Frim tomorrow (Thursday).  We just found out Tuesday, the same day (I think) we had the surgery cancelled.  Why did they cancel the surgery with Yamini when the Frim meeting would happen so soon?  No honking idea.  Are they planning on Frim doing the surgery?  Are they unsure of something they haven't explained to us yet?  Are they just trying to make us MORE frustrated?  Dunno.  But our appointment is at 3pm tomorrow and we are about to find out.

3. Dr. Frim's nurse told us he is one of the slowest doctors, so that we may not leave our 3pm appointment until like 8pm.  Say what?  Yep.  So that means we leave at noon tomorrow and will arrive home maybe past 10pm or so.  Fortunately one of our babysitters isn't working tomorrow and can help all day.  Nice.

4. We are still going to Mayo Clinic on the 2nd of July.  We will take the kids to my family in Pontiac, IL on Saturday, come back to Woodstock so I can preach on Sunday, and then head up to Mayo.  We will be there, according to their information, for 2-4 days.  So if it lasts more than 2 days we will be stuck there over the 4th of July and have to wait until the 5th for more tests, meetings, or whatever they require. 

Dsc_001220070627_2 5. Just when you thought our family has had enough, the hits just keep on coming.  Elijah busted his head open today.  Just when I sat down to start doing a whole pile of work, I got a call and had to rush home.  It seems the dresser in our room jumped in front of him when he was being chased around our bed by his brothers.  So the next three hours were spent at the Emergency Room looking for some staples to get that scalp back together.  Seven staples later he was just fine.  And let me just say that I didn't see one tear from my six year old, even as I held him tight and the doctor treated him like a paper product.  After a good initial cry when it first happened, he was pretty tough and even found time to root on the Cubbies.