Consultation Coming Tomorrow

Dsc_00301Tomorrow (Monday the 18th) is Molly's consultation with Dr. Yamini at the University of Chicago.  It's at 11am. A little nervous, but mostly thankful it's finally here.  I'm probably most anxious about driving into the city and making it on time.

Molly has had a good week, considering.  She had about 2 good days where she regained her balance and lost some of her weakness problems.  She was having more headaches and other symptoms instead, but the most serious symptoms were not so bad and for that I'm very thankful.  Then it turned bad again, at least at times.  Laying down for another MRI really was painful on Wednesday and made the rest of the day miserable.  Sitting for a 2 hour movie was fine on Friday night, but when she got up it was a nightmare.  She could barely walk out of the building, and only did with a lot of help.

By the way, my back issues seem much better the last 4 days.  Still some stuff going on, but nothing big at all.  Working on posture while on my laptop and sleeping in the right positions has helped.

Please pray that Dr. Yamini will take Molly on the right course of treatment, which we assume will be surgery.  And pray that we will continue to trust that God is teaching us to trust Him more during difficult times.