Tim Keller Resources

Here are all the links I can find to the excellent sermons, articles, and other resources created by and about Timothy Keller.  Tim Keller is the Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.


> "A New Kind of Urban Christian" (on Christian Vision Project site)

> "Advancing the Gospel into the 21st Century":

Part I: Church Multiplying

Part II: Gospel-Centered

Part III: Context Sensitive

Part IV: City-Focused Strategy

> "All of Life is Repentance"

> "Biblical Mandate for Mercy Ministries" (fixed thanks to DJ Chuang)

> "Biblical Theology of the City"

> "Centrality of the Gospel"

> "Christ and the City" (fixed thanks to DJ Chuang)

> "Clarifying the Purposes for the Church" - on Acts 29 site - NEW!

> "The Current Intellectual State of Affairs in America" - with Charles Garland

> "Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs: Leading the Secular to Christ" (pdf)

> "Evangelism through 'Networking'"

> "Evangelistic Worship" (Resurgence)

> "Gnostics and Jesus"

> "How Can I Know God?" (landscape, handout format pdf) (Resurgence, also abbreviated version)

> "How Then Shall We Live Together - Subscription and the Future of the PCA" (fixed thanks to DJ Chuang)

> "Love & Language"

> "Leadership and Church Size Dynamics" - NEW!

> "Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City-Centers":

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

> "The Missional Church"

> "Planting a Church in the City"

> "Post-Everythings" (pdf)

> "Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age: Brimstone for the Broad-minded" (Resurgence)

> "Preaching in a Post-Modern City":

Part I, Part II: Preaching to Create Spiritually Inclusive Worship

> "Preaching Morality in an Amoral Age" (Resurgence)

> "Questions on Everyone's Mind": September 14, 2001

> "Religion-less Spirituality" (Resurgence)

> "Why Plant Churches?"

> "Worship Worthy of the Name"

Transcript of Keller's "Sermon of Remembrance and Peace for 9-11 Victim's Families" - Preached on 9/10/2006 (offsite source)


Ministries of Mercy - I bought this book after one of my children was diagnosed with autism, and I knew nothing about Keller at the time.  It's a thoughtful resource for churches who realize that we are to have ministry to people with disabilities.

Redeemer Church Planting Manual - I've read through some of this and it's excellent.  If you are pastor or planter, this is a great resource.

Interview with Keller at Resurgence

Ten Questions for Expositors (interview at Unashamed Workman) - NEW!


"The Gospel" Sermons

1. Who is Jesus? 2. Lord of the Wine 3. Born of the Gospel

"Changed People" Sermons

1. Changed Lives 2. Inside-Out Living 3. How to Change

"City" Sermons

1. Should I Not Love That Great City? 2. The Meaning of the City

3. Love for the City

"Community" Sermons

1. The Community of Jesus 2. Spiritual Friendship 3. Eating with Jesus

"Movement" Sermons (Church Planting)

1. Why to Plant Churches 2.  Messengers 3. The Cost of Mission

"Serving" Sermons

1. Neighbors 2. Blessed Are The Poor 3. Blueprint for Revival - Social Concern

"Renewing" Sermons

1. Work 2. Made for Stewardship 3. Work and Rest

"Stewardship" Sermons

1. Radical Generosity 2. Treasure vs. Money 3. Grace and Money

4. Two Men with Money

Reform & Resurge

1. Being the Church in Our Culture

2. Preaching the Gospel

3. Doing Justice

Covenant Seminary 2004 Preaching Lectures

1. All Things Are Yours 2. Preaching to Believers & Unbelievers

Covenant Seminary 2004 Connect Conference

Contextualization: Part 1, Part 2

The Gathering 2005

1. Bible Teaching on Treasure and Justice

2. Reaching the 21st Century World for Christ

Miscellaneous Audio

The Furious Love of Jesus - Jn 11:32-44

Praying our Tears - Ps 39:12-13, 126, 1-6

Praying our Fears - Ps 3:1-8, Gen 15:1-8

Q and A


A Call to the Church of Richmond (message, April 2006)

Desiring God Conference: "The Sufficiency of Christ and the Gospel in the Postmodern World" (Written blurb)

Desiring God Interviews

The Scripture as Foundation

Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned?

Missional vs. Evangelistic

Is Redeemer Church Emergent?

Characteristics of a Missional Church

Preaching and the Missional Church

Being Salt & Light in Culture

The Gospel, Moralism, and Irreligion

The Importance of Doctrine

Theological Training

Publicity and Redeemer Church

Christian Life Conference (Second Presbyterian of Memphis, TN) - ALL NEW!

The Cross and Suffering

How the Cross Converts Us

How the Cross Changes Us

REDEEMER REPORT (church newsletter, 1996-present, some articles by Tim Keller) - NEW!

Apr 2007 - Keller reviews Richard Bauckham's Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

Mar 2007 - Ministry Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

Jan 2007 - God's Work; Our Work

Dec 2006 - (Y)our Place

Nov 2006 - Christians, Community and the Healthy City

Sept 2006 - Steward Leaders

Aug 2006 - Contextualization vs. the Ordinary Means of Grace (Kathy Keller)

June 2006 - Praying for Glory

May 2006 - The Examined Christian Faith

Mar 2006 - Extraordinary Prayer

Jan 2006 - Kingdom-Centered Prayer


Audio, Study Guides, Vision Papers

"A Season of Covenant Renewal"

(original links page & introduction to this 12 part series)

The Prodigal Sons  - Luke 15:1-2, 11-32

   (study guide)

Christ Our Life - Col 3:1-14

   (study guide)

The Gospel - Isaiah 53:4-11, 54:1-5, 11-14

   (study guide) (Vision paper: The Gospel - The Key to Change)

The City: We Have a Strong City - Isaiah 25:6-26:6

   (study guide) (Vision paper: The City - Why We Are Here)

Community: Better than Sons and Daughters - Isaiah 56:1-8

   (study guide) (Vision paper: Buildings for Community)

Witness: While He May Be Found - Isaiah 55:1-7, 57:14-21

   (study guide) (Vision paper: Why New Churches?)

Justice: Break Every Yoke - Isaiah 58:1-14

   (study guide) (Vision paper: Ministry Balance)

Culture: The Riches of the Nations Will Come - Isaiah 60:4-14, 19-22

   (study guide) (Vision paper: Christians & Culture)

The Gospel and Your Wealth - Malachi 3:8-10, 4:1-2

   (study guide) (Vision paper: Money & Christian Worldview)

The Gospel and Yourself - Isaiah 6:1-13

   (study guide)

The Gospel and the World - 1 Peter 2:4-17

   (study guide)

The Gospel and Experience - John 2:1-10

   (study guide)

Vision Campaign Papers:

The Gospel: Key to Change

The City: Why We're Here

Buildings for Community

Why New Churches?

The Fullness of Ministry

Christians and Culture

Money and Christian Worldview


Become a Church Planter: Church Planter Readiness - 20 Indicators

The Movement

Redeemer Vision Campaign

Tim Keller's Vision Blog

Books Keller Recommends (Urban/City, theology, planting, postmodern, etc)

THE MOVEMENT: Book Recommendations

Fall 2006: Gospel Interpretation

Spring 2006: Contextualization

Winter 2006: Missional Church

Fall 2005: Urban Anthropology

Summer 2005: Global Cities

December 2004: Evangelism

October 2004: Spiritual Life of a Church Planter

August 2004: Urban Theology

June 2004: Multi-Cultural Church Planting

April 2004: Effective Churches for Postmodern America

February 2004

December 2003

October 2003

Redeemer Center for Faith and Work


"Manhattan Ministry a Year Later" - CT 10.29.2002

"New York's New Hope" - CT Nov 2004

"Fresh Plants in the City" - LJ Winter 2005

"Preaching the Word and Quoting the Voice" - NYT 2.26.2006


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten


D.J. Chuang - similar stuff, some quotes

Monergism - a clean, handy page

Tim Keller on Wikipedia