Music Monday Wednesday 5.23.07

Hey there.  Missed Music Monday since I was out of town, but I hope this will more than make up for my absence.

1. The new Wilco CD, Sky Blue Sky, is great.  The reviews are good, but not great.  So far me likey.  Grab a download of "What Light" at their MySpaceWilco's homepage.

2. I haven't really gotten into The Black Keys, but their free live EP found in four MySpace downloads is pretty good.  Free music = very nice.

3. I'll bet most of you haven't heard of Sean Hayes.  I've been haunting his MySpace for some time now and love his music.  Check it out.  Creative stuff.

4. Pitchfork interviews Arcade Fire.  Plenty on their spiritual/religious overtones. 

5. This M. Ward, Neko Case, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) appearance on Conan is spectacular.  I will watch it over and over, and so should you.

6. Speaking of the amazing Neko Case...

7. Uh, some old school videos.  Gotta love them, even if you don't like them.  See the rest of Pitchfork's "100 Awesome Music Videos."

Extra Credit: This is come cool music, through the video is a little hard to get.  Whatever.  Watch (or at least listen to) The Knife's "Silent Shout."