Music Monday 5.14.07

When I think of "summer music" I think of three different placeswhere we regularly experience summer music (I'm leaving off road trips, maybe for another post).  The first is at home on a lazy afternoon, which demands music that is a bit restrained, slowed down, encouraging you to stay lazy in a porch swing. The second is at a backyard barbecue where you want something solid and fun in the background.  This one could be "beach music" too, I suppose.  The third is cruising around town, soundtracked by cranked-up music pumping through your car speakers as you roll with your homeys, windows down, around the Tasty Freeze.  Here's some of my favorite music for lazy afternoons, grilling with friends, or cruising around town.


Husky_2 Husky Rescue: Country Falls

This is their 2005 release, which is a perfect companion on a hot summer day.  There's a 2007 I haven't heard yet, though what they have online sounds great.  Whatever, just pick it up and sip some tea for crying out loud.  It's really, really good stuff.

Don't miss: "Summertime Cowboy," "City Lights," and "Rainbow Flows"

Ray Ray Lamontagne: Trouble or Till the Sun Turns Black

This guy's music is just incredible to me.  So simple, so easy, so emotional. Look also for iTunes exclusives and stuff on YouTube.  I'm linked to this duet with Damien Rice before, which is tremendous.

Don't miss: "Barfly," "Shelter," and "Burn"

A few other bands or artists for lazy afternoons: Amos Lee, Sparklehorse, Mountain Goats, Midlake, Josh Rouse, Espers, Eluvium, Jose Gonzalez.


Newpor_6 New Pornographers: Electric Version, Twin Cinema

Super fun music that makes you want to dance, play, and sing-along. 

Our family video should be evidence enough: Sing Me Spanish Techno. It takes a lot of guts to put that video out there, so be nice. :)

Don't miss: "Use It," "The Laws Have Changed," "Sing Me Spanish Techno," and "Twin Cinema"

Peter_3 Peter, Bjorn & John: Writer's Block

Catchy songs, lots of whistling.  Trust me when I say the kids will join in.   I really enjoy the beats.  Foot-tapping deliciocity.

Don't miss: "Young Folks," "Amsterdam," "Objects of My Affection"

A few other bands or artists for grilling and fun: The Shins, Phoenix, Mat Kearney, Loney Dear, The Go! Team.


Lcd_soundsystem1_199x300_2 LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver

Hard to beat this music for loud, bass-thumping, toe-tapping, get the lead out goodness.  The lyrics and vocals are often quirky and interesting.  The music is really great. 

Don't miss: "North American Scum," "Time to Get Away," and "Sound of Silver"

Other bands or artists for cruising: Spoon, Linkin Park, Fujiya & Miyagi, Blonde Redhead.

What are your summer music selections?