Saturday Update & "Phriday Photos"

It's cold here in central Illinois, the day after my Mom's funeral.  Thanks for all your prayers.  All went well as far as services and schedules go.  There's no question that the more love and joy you have in your family, the more you are set up for great suffering if/when someone dies.  But I gladly accept the suffering now for 34 years with a great Mom. 

Please pray for my Dad who is really struggling right now, as you can expect.  I have known few people who were as intertwined in life as my parents.  We are going to watch the Cubs today, the Masters, and just talk a lot.  My whole extended family has really been great here in Pontiac.  A lot of people don't experience what I have experienced with so many relatives in one place, all who love each other very much.  It's really wonderful.  We will be leaving Sunday morning-ish to go home. 

I missed Phriday Photos.  So here are a few shots from early in the week.  I was up until 4am on Tuesday trying to get some lightning photos as some strong storms passed through Woodstock (Mom died at 5:15pm later that day).  Here are my favorites.  There are more on my Flickr page.

Lightning & Color


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