NPM: Men and Poetry

BurnbkIf you are interested in taking online poetry writing classes, you may want to look at Zarafa Tutorials.  I haven't used them, but like where they are coming from.  They link to Douglas Jones' interesting, short article "Men Hate Poetry."

...if you hate poetry or don't have the time or are just indifferent, consider that this might be symptomatic of some deep failure in you instead of in the poetry. And then, don't just admit to the failure and go on hanging your head. Hunt for beauty. Track it down. A passion for beauty certainly is characteristic of those great men in the past whose lives were characterized as after God's own heart. Remember David's psalms and Beowulf's celebrations, full of life and faithfulness.

I also recommend looking at the articles on poetry over at Credenda Agenda (where Jones' article is published).  If you search for poetry on their site, you get many articles.  Check them out.