Music Monday 4.23.07

A couple of albums have me spinning lately. 

Blonde_redhead2Blonde Redhead: 23
(MySpace, Reviews: Metacritic, Drowned in Sound, The Village Voice, Lost at Sea)

Wow, this is good stuff.  Atmospheric, heart-wrenching, experimental indie-rockish shtuff.  The title track, "23," is a great introduction to the album.  Hear it on their MySpace or watch their video of "23".  Some quotes...

23 is exactly what we've come to expect from this trio: a tension-filled exploration of the human psyche, blistering but still atmospheric.

23 is a delirious fever-dream of an album that continues to impress with each consecutive listen.

This is the next record you have to buy. Absolutely. Unequivocally.

Headlights Headlights: Kill Them With Kindness

Under The Radar: "Kill Them With Kindness is an impressive debut proving that the remaining members of Absinthe Blind are not living in the past but continually experimenting into the future."

I believe Under the Radar has Kill Them With Kindness as their #15 album of 2006.  A number of reviews are not quite there, but I think it's outstanding.  It's happy, fun music.  Tracks that stand out to me are "Your Old Street" and "Signs Point to Yes (But Outlook Not So Good)."

YouTube: "TV" Video (or "TV" Live), also "Signs Point to Yes (But Outlook Not So Good)"