Music Monday 4.16.07

Some music on the radar, but not yet on the iPod...

Story_2 I have a feeling Brandi Carlile's new album, The Story, will be a good one.  Her debut album was fantastic (as I pointed out last year).  Her song, "The Story," was free on iTunes a few weeks back.  You can see her video for "The Story," though I like this live version better.  Man, what a voice.

Eluvium I'm entranced by the music of Eluvium.  I've been back to their My Space regularly to hear it again.  Beautiful.  Can't find the CD's in my local stores so I may have to order them.  The new one, Copia, is getting great reviews.

Some music I'm loving and will probably post on in the near future: Besnard Lakes, Blonde Redhead, Headlights, Low, Patrick Park, and The Shins.