Reasons Why I Hate Us 2

PubBaptist "Press" has two articles of note today (that's two more than normal). 

First is the "No Beer at NCAA 'Kind of Fun'" article.  This has to do with SBC life in what way?  I agree that basketball games without drunk frat guys are better, but this is clearly on BP as anti-alcohol prop-A-ganda.  Probably meant to bolster the second article, "Alcohol, Acts 29 and the SBC." 

My favorite quote...

The emerging church movement is diverse and difficult to generalize. However, the mix of influences includes: postmodernism (a focus on sense-making through the various mediums of culture); Calvinism ala John Piper; and for some, Christian liberty, as granted by their scriptural interpretation, to drink alcohol and engage in other cultural activities that many Southern Baptists eschew based on opposing scriptural interpretation.

Which passages would THAT interpretation come from?  Anyone?