Rapping and Responding to Criticism

I'm copying Mark Moore's post rather than rewriting it...

Justin Taylor has posted a link to an article about a Christian rapper who performed at John Piper's church.  Taylor's post simply read:

Curtis ("Voice") Allen writes in Boundless about the fallout of his rapping at Bethlehem Baptist church. I pray that God would give me a similar sort of humility and graciousness.

Allow me to be honest. I thought to myself, "Oh great! A bunch of Baptists upset over something else." With that thought in mind, I clicked the link to read the article and find out what the griping was all about--assuming that it had to do with thumping beats and dancing. The first part of the article confirmed my suspicion. The second part of the article humbled me and moved me almost to tears. I have never seen such cross-centered humility.

If you want to know how to deal with criticism in a way that is gospel-centered and boasts in the cross, then I highly recommend you read this article called An Emcee's Gentle Word.

I read it and agree in full.  Great article and response to criticism.