Piper & Dever & Ware, Oh My

I listened to the new 9 Marks interview last night: Particular Redemption, The New Perspective, and More with John Piper (and Bruce Ware!).  This is a wonderful, encouraging, challenging discussion. 

It starts with Piper and Ware discussing differences in their soteriology.  It's basically Piper challenging Ware's soteriology.  Then you get a lot of Piper (with a little Dever seasoning) discussing all sorts of things: what he's writing and has written, what's wrong with missional, contextualization, ecclesiology, and much more.  Don't miss the place where Piper challenges Dever's resistance to multiple services.  Piper = "in yo face, speaking the truth in love, hard to argue with the Christ-like, erudite pastor" fun.

As usual I don't agree with everything or everyone in the audio.  But overhearing this conversation was very enjoyable for me and shows why I love John Piper so much.  Listening to him makes me want to be a more devoted and passionate disciple, husband and pastor.

I also want to reiterate how much I like the 9 Marks website.  Lots of articles, reviews, and a great list of other free audio interviews.  Again, I don't agree with everything at 9 Marks, but I consider Dever a mentor on several levels and I like much of what they have to say to churches and pastors.