Missouri Baptists & Alcohol (and Beyond)

GuinnessThe alcohol issue in the Southern Baptist Convention (and Missouri Baptist Convention, think "Beer and the Bible" issue) is sucking even harder than some of us realized, and I realized a lot. 

I've heard through the grapevine that some church plants in the Missouri Baptist Convention are getting de-funded because of the alcohol issue.  This issue is NOT, as I understand it, only about the consumption of alcohol.  I know that some churches/pastors who don't consume alcohol are getting their church plants de-funded merely for not saying consumption is wrong.

If you are a Missouri Baptist and are dealing with these issues in some form, I would really appreciate an email with some basic info on your situation.  I will not make anything public unless you request/allow it since I know that your info and name on my blog puts you at risk.  But I would love to at least be able to keep up with the issue privately.

By the way and in case you didn't know, the aggressive search for SBC pastors, planters, and churches who are not in line with the alcohol policies of our entities has moved beyond Missouri.  It's in Illinois as well, and surely coming to a neighborhood near you.