Family Sabbatical

Dsc_000920070326I've finished my work sabbatical and am working hard on a "family sabbatical."  So far we have taken a day-trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, bought the kids new bikes and watched them crash, fired up the grill with some rockin' angus burgers, played baseball in the backyard, swatted mosquitos (ugh, already), gone bowling (yes I won, and yes winning is all that matters), stayed up late and slept in.  Been a good week so far.

This past Sunday we visited with Community Christian Church in Naperville.  I emailed Dave Ferguson last week to see where he was preaching live and he was kind enough to respond and let me know it would be the Naperville - Yellow Box location.  You may have heard Dave on various ministry/pastoring podcasts (Catalyst, Exponential Conference) as the multi-site guru.  Or maybe you have read his book, The Big Idea.  I have been very encouraged by his vision for his church and have learned from him from afar.

Dsc_000320070325 After some Cracker Barrel for breakfast we easily found Yellow Box and found parking to be a snap.  We try to avoid "visitor parking" at churches because we are more like friendly spies than visitors.  On entering found a number of people partaking in Baptist breakfast (cookies and coffee).  Nice, small cafe area.  A nice lady took us downstairs so our kids could go to "Kids' City."  We normally have all of them in the services with us, but Dave said that he was preaching on sex.  Ok.  Kids' City it is.

Upstairs to the service.  It started with a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls "Slide," then a couple of newer worship songs.  Very talented musicians and well done.  "The Coach" came out to tell us a few words (The Coach is a skit of a high school coach/sex ed teacher).  Dave Ferguson then got up to preach, maybe 25-30 minutes.  Wasn't really paying attention to time.  Then a song with communion, the offering and a country song (from the radio, I think), and a closing song.  I think I have all that right.  It was good to experience another church that is experiencing rapid growth and try to get a feel for how they do things.  Then we found a Fuddruckers, a family favorite, for lunch.  Good burgers. 

In a few minutes we are leaving to spend time with my Mom and Dad. Many of you know my Mom has cancer and hasn't been given much time from the doctors.  She was doing extremely well through the holidays, but is having some major issues at the moment.  It's pretty scary and difficult right now, so we are very glad to have time to go spend time with her.  We are also glad to spend time with Dad who is enduring much in this season.  Hoping to bring him some encouragement as well.