Super Bowl Prediction: Bears vs. Colts

I decided to NOT make a prediction on the Super Bowl, though everyone already knows I believe the Bears will win.  But I can't restrain myself.  I...must...predict.  My mandatory "Da Bears" pick is Chicago 213, Colts 10.  But my slightly more realistic pick is Bears by 3: Bears 31, Colts 28. 

I believe the Bears will see a slow first half of offense and a mediocre first half of defense.  They will be down at halftime.  At the beginning of the second half the special teams and defense will come on in a huge way and make a few plays and stops.  There will be at least one second half touchdown by the defense.  The Bears will be up and Peyton will be Peyton, taking over the game.  He will lead them to one touchdown but on the second drive will give up an interception ending their Super Bowl hopes.  The MVP will be Mark Anderson, who will have a great game and put pressure on Manning beyond anyone's expectations but his own.

Okay, that was way too much info.  Go Bears!