Reading, Wanting & Teaching

I'm reading several books right now including The Power of the Hour (Lakhani) and The Forgotten Ways (Hirsch).  The Forgotten Ways is a very interesting read so far.  My worship team and I are reading Pleasing God in our Worship, a booklet by Robert Godfrey.  Basic but good.  Bob Roberts' new book is out, Glocalization.  I've read his other book, Transformation, and liked it.  Looking forward to picking up this new one.  You should keep up with Bob's blog as well.

I also wanted to mention that a generous shopper sent me the New and Collected Poems (1931-2001) of Czeslaw Milosz.  Awesome!

I just finished preaching a series of sermons on generosity.  God's timing was amazing with this series and the events of my life.  I then preached Psalm 103 last Sunday, will be preaching on being a church without walls this coming Sunday and on the need for small groups on the 18th.  Then I start a series on the book of Daniel that should take us through to warmer weather (it's currently 1 degree with like a -10 wind chill).

In another study I do before worship on Sundays I just finished teaching through The Enemy Within (Lundgaard) and am now doing a straight-up practical series on The Organized Life.

I'll post soon on some really incredible things God has done for our family.  Look for it.