Notes on a Busy Day

A couple of important things in my life at the moment...

Jack_hospital_1 - My 8 year old, Jack, had surgery today.  He had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed.  It has been a long day for us and longer for my son.  He's resting now, my wife is off helping our local school find a new principal, and I'm preparing for a funeral tomorrow morning. 

- Ed Stetzer, Darrin Patrick, and (by default) many younger leaders in the SBC are under attack from a Missouri guy named Roger Moran.  Marty Duren has the details and Joe Thorn adds some helpful thoughts.  Joe writes...

This appears to be a case of guilt by association. The gist of this man’s argument is that when we work with other evangelical bodies outside of the SBC we are endorsing everything anyone does or thinks who is also a part of that organization. Were this true it would create serious problems for many of our best leaders and professors who work with other groups who differ from the SBC but remain evangelical. The whole thing would be funny if this guy wasn’t serious, and wasting everyone else’s time.

Geez it's easy to hate us.  Stetzer just nailed it at the Baptist Identity Conference and then we have to get this kind of crap.  No wonder I get emails weekly from disgrunted young guys who either want to leave the convention because of stupid stuff like this or who thought about joining up with the SBC but have decided they aren't wanted for various silly reasons.  I will post an email soon from one of those guys.

By the way, Union U has modeled something that much of the rest of the SBC doesn't get.  Instead of screaming at and snubbing bloggers they embraced us, gave opportunities for their students to meet us, and made us feel welcome and appreciated.  Maybe Union should secede from the Convention? ;)

- I just received three different packages in the mail today.  One dude bought me a book from Amazon, Crossway sent me a book to review, and a well-known emerging church guy just sent me a pile of books (from commentaries to the very practical).  I got 14 books in all today, all for free from generous friends.  Thanks much guys!