Music Monday 1.29.07

If you didn't see my Saturday post on music stuff, please check it out. 

I thought today I would point to a couple of online concerts that I've enjoyed.  They are all on  Disclaimer: Some racy language on occasion.  Shouldn't have to say that, but I get all types here. :)

Though I don't own one of their albums, I liked the Midlake concert.  I own two albums and really enjoyed the concert of Explosions in the Sky despite less than ideal video/audio quality.  If you haven't heard Explosions before, you need to.  The Damien Rice 2003 concert is loud and a lot of fun.  Cold War Kids put on a great show last November, as did The Frames.  The Frames just entered my radar a few weeks back.  And, oh, I like Spoon

Feel free to offer links to online concert video you have enjoyed.