Mohler Update

Russ Moore updates...

I was at the hospital this afternoon with President Mohler. Hisfirst question was, "What is going on in the world?" I briefly entertained the possibility of smuggling his dog Baxter into the hospital to see him, but I doubt the resulting hospital restraining order against me would be worth it.

RAM is looking stronger than he did yesterday. The doctors report that the situation is under control and they are pleased with his progress. He is thankful to all of you for your prayers. I know many churches and families have had special prayer meetings in recent days for him. He and all of us here are deeply appreciative for that.

Please continue to pray. God has been gracious. RAM is ready to be back in his study, behind his microphone, and in the pulpit. Pray that his recovery is quick and that he is home soon.

Update: 1.8.06

Dr. Mohler was moved out of intensive care and into a private room at Baptist Hospital East this afternoon and continues to improve following complications from abdominal surgery that was performed Dec. 28.


Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for academic administration at Southern Seminary, said Mohler is in good spirits following a difficult weekend.


"I am extremely encouraged after having just left his room," Moore said Monday afternoon. "He is eating, he is in good spirits and it looks as though the situation is completely under control at this point. He looks strong, is in remarkably good spirits and is even cracking jokes.


"Dr. Mohler is very appreciative of the prayers of God's people and the outpouring of support from the churches and from the community."


Mohler was placed in intensive care Friday after developing blood clots in both lungs. After nearly a week of intense abdominal pain, he was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 27 and underwent surgery the following day.


While physicians reported that the procedure went well and that Mohler's abdominal issues were remedied, the development of blood clots led doctors to move Mohler to the hospital's intensive care unit.


Moore asked that the seminary community and local churches continue to pray for Mohler and his family during the recovery. It is not yet known when Mohler will be released from the hospital, however Moore said the improvement in Mohler's condition along with his high spirits were readily evident.


"He has a stack of books and articles in his bed along with a massive number of highlighters," Moore said, "so the Albert Mohler I know is back."