Both Stephen Shields and Scot McKnight tagged me, so I'm to release 5 newly declassified items about me you don't already know.  Because of the nature of blogging it's hard to tell what has and hasn't been shared before.  So here's my best shot...

1. In High School my brother and I traveled around central IL in the summers to lip-sync contests and scored tons of small town bling.  The name of our lip-sync team?  The Star Search Rejects.  Our niche?  Lip syncing to Weird Al polka medleys.  We were big time, baby. 

2. I currently have a poster of Jack Bauer on the wall of my office.  Yes, he is holding a firearm.

3. When I as a little kid (maybe 3 or 4?) I got up in the middle of the night, raided the medicine cabinet and downed several birth control pills.  My parents woke up and found me still eating and called my uncle, a doctor.  He said to make me drink soapy water so I would vomit.  I chugged it.  Then Mom stuck her finger down my throat.  I think that worked.  But to this day I have yet to get pregnant.  Coincidence?

4. One summer in the early 90's I listened a dozen times or more to a Rush Limbaugh audio book.  Now he drives me nuts.

5. While at Southern Seminary I emailed a key seminary leader about something a professor told me in a conversation.  It was an email questioning whether the different SBTS schools were heading in different directions.  Within a week I found myself in a meeting with three professors including a dean of one of the schools.  I thought I must have said something wrong and was in trouble, but they simply wanted some info from me and to convey the unity of the schools at SBTS.  None of it ended up being a big deal, but it freaked me out a bit.  Now the prof in question is a friend and it all was nothing to really sweat over.  Go figure.