Music Monday 12.4.06

It's time to talk Christmas music.  Granted, I'm not the foremost expert on Christmas music.  Nor do I want to be or ever intend to be.  I'd rather get a CD I can listen to after the holidays are over and all year round.  But there are times to drop a few bucks on Christmas music.

Sufjan One of those times is when Sufjan Stevens puts out a Christmas album.  I don't own it yet, but I have many of the songs from a free download last year.  They are fantastic, and his boxed set, Songs for Christmas, is surely worth the $20 price tag. Grab it.  Or head to Sufjan's website to stream all the music! (Thanks macht)

If a Sufjan fix won't do it for you, then check out my post from last Christmas detailing the five most played Christmas CD's in my home.  All good stuff.