Double Digits

Dsc_0088_1My daughter, Sarah Elizabeth McCoy, is 10 years old today.  She reminds us at every turn that 10 is "double digits."  That means today is an important day for her, and it's important for me too.

Dsc_00011 Sarah was born in Denver (Littleton) in 1996 she changed our lives and marriage more than I can ever explain.  I remember changing her diapers and watching her sleep so peacefully and gazing into her little life-filled eyes wondering what the future would bring.  She has made me very happy and terribly proud. 

Dsc_00202_1 Sarah gave her first public speech last week on the Elf Owl.  It was so good the teacher asked her to repeat the performance as an example for the other kids.  Sarah cries easily over her sin and seeks Jesus.  Sarah loves her cat, Calvin.  Sarah loves music, learning the words and singing along.  Sarah loves her three younger brothers and will put up with tons of sibling frustrations in order to help and serve them.  Sarah will sit in her room playing with dolls with the Bible on tape playing in the background.  Sarah enjoys learning to bake with her Mom and shopping for clothes and eating anything with broccoli in it. 

Dsc_00321_2 Sarah is a gift that unwraps daily, teaching me about life and love and hope and kindness and beauty.  Sarah is my little girl who isn't so little anymore and is more like a woman than a girl.  I love my Sarah, and my Sarah loves me. 

Happy birthday Sweetheart.  I love being your Daddy and you make me very happy.