Music Monday

SleepingI have been captured by Sleeping at Last (myspace), a Wheaton, IL band, and their new CD Keep No Score.  They sound a bit like Sigur Ros & Keane with hints of Coldplay & Radiohead.  I think Christianity Today generally has it right when they call it "ethereal folk" (though Jars of Clay is not really ethereal folk to me).  But honestly, don't compare this band to anyone else.  Just listen.  Tons of redemption & beauty within. 

A few lyrics...

"Careful Hands"

Only with careful hands
We’ll turn their fangs into feathers and cures.
Only with careful hands
We’ll divide the prisoner
From the pioneer.

"Needle & Thread"

When the world welcomes us in,
We’re closer to Heaven than we’ll ever know.
They say this place has changed,
But strip away all of the technology
And you will see
That we all are hunters
Hunting for something that will make us okay.

"Heaven Breaks"

We’ll pray for Heaven’s floor to break,
Pour the brightest white on blackest space,
Come bleeding gloriously through
The clouds and the blue.
Forcing one place from two,
Killing formulaic views,
Only love proves to be the truth.         

When heaven meets the earth,
We will have no use for numbers
To measure who are and what we’re worth.