Catching Up

I want to update you on a few things concerning the blog and life.

One of my main goals with the blog over the last few months has been to only blog when I want to, and to keep from encouraging comment threads that end up wasting my time.  For the most part I've stuck with that idea and it's made the blog an extension of my life rather than a power over my life.  I haven't been writing much of my own thought lately, not much in terms of original content.  But I'm okay with that right now.  I hope that will change soon, but it has to mesh with what I'm doing in my local church.

Dsc_0014 We went to visit my parents after church on Sunday.  I've mentioned before that my Mom has cancer.  Last week they found out the chemo is working and shrinking the cancer.  It's hard to say what that will mean for the next few weeks or months, but it's the first piece of good news we've had since she was diagnosed.  Thanks to all who are praying.  The picture is of my mom and sister.  My sister colored her hair, my mom (who is losing her hair) is wearing a Halloween wig.

I'm halfway through preaching Colossians and loving it.  It's just what I need, and I'm thankful to God for what I'm learning.  I hope our church is getting the same thing.  The one thing I haven't done much of lately is listen to sermons.  My wife and I used to listen to a sermon together on Monday mornings.  I would be in my office and she would be working on the house.  But I moved my home office to our basement so we are disconnected.  I miss those mornings listening together to guys like Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll or Tim Keller.

My sons and I are really enjoying the football season so far.  The Bears are exceeding all expectations and look like they are equipped to go the distance.  The Monsters of the Midway are monsters again.  Beware!

Have you enjoyed a good cigar lately?  Why not?  I've been learning a lot about cigars lately and have enjoyed one or two.  Delightful.  Pick up this one, or maybe this one.

Last let me mention some things I've been enjoying lately.  Richard Lovelace's book, Renewal as a Way of Life, has been a great encouragement so far.  A very thought provoking book.  Ray LaMontagne's new CD, Till the Sun Turns Black, is good.  iMonk's podcast has been a nice diversion.  So has Writers on Writing

By the way, the iTunes 7 upgrade sucks for Windows users.  Then they put up a fix (7.0.1) which merely sucks less.  Distortion.  If you haven't upgraded, stay where you are for now.