9Marks & The Missing Keller

9Marks Ministries (Mark Dever) has a new set of articles up about the "missional" church (see left side of their homepage).  Jonathan Leeman's article, "What in the World is the Missional Church?," is most prominent and includes history, quotes and thoughts from Guder to Stetzer.  You may find his article and others at 9Marks worth reading, and at least an honest attempt of baptist reformed types who desire to understand "missional."

An obvious problem with Leeman's article is that he didn't even mention Tim Keller.  Keller is a reformed conservative (as is 9Marks & Dever) and so discussing Keller should have been essential, and maybe even central to this article.  On top of that, missional thinkers admit they owe much to Keller's writings, sermons, conference messages and local church example.  So in my mind, regardless of some of the thoughtful things Leeman says, missing Keller is missing  "missional."  It's disappointing.