Visitor Giveaways

AndyI've been wondering if it would be good to have a giveaway book for visitors on Sunday.  I really like the idea.  One of the few books that seemed to fit the category of a short, inexpensive, good book for visitors is Andy Stanley's How Good is Good Enough?.  I hadn't read Stanley's little (94 pages) book yet, so I picked it up last night and read it.  I was pleased.

I think it's a good book especially for churches in areas where nearly everyone is a "Christian" but few really know Christ.  It has just enough logic and reason arguments to fulfill that need in logical thinkers.  It has enough story and illustration to keep it moving and engaging.  It has a nice flow and argument and closes with Christ.

Have you read Stanley's book and what do you think about it?  Know of other books that would be good as giveaways to church visitors?