Gospel & Our Culture Network

The Gospel and Our Culture Network has a revamped site which looks good.  If you are unfamiliar with GOCN, here's some info from their site...

The Gospel and Our Culture Network has been spawned by:

  • the cultural currents of Western society and ethnic tradition that have shaped how we live in North America.
  • the rapid changes taking place as we move from a "modern" to "postmodern" form of society.
  • the growing un-ease of the church as it experiences a dislocation from its prior places of importance.

The aim is to explore what these things mean, under the light of the gospel, for the life and witness of the church.


The network offers companionship for Christian leaders and groups eager to work together with others who share similar concerns. It brings together people from a wide spectrum of churches -- from Mennonite to Roman Catholic, from Anglican to Southern Baptist -- and a range of local ministry settings.

  • It puts theological educators and ministry practitioners into fruitful contact with each other so that effective strategy and sound theory may be wedded together.
  • It provides mutual encouragement between denominational administrators and local congregational leaders to discover models of the church capable of sustaining a living and faithful witness to the gospel in our contemporary world.
  • It encourages the formation of local groups in which pastoral and lay leaders of congregations work together to develop practical responses to contemporary challenges.
  • It makes available resources and materials to facilitate vision and change in the missional life of the church.