Reform & Resurge: Chandler

Chandler_1What are you doing right now?  Whatever it is, it's not important.  Stop it. 

Now, go and listen to Matt Chandler's message from Reform & Resurge called Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring and the Knowledge of Christ (video).  One of the most important and helpful messages I've ever heard.  It sparked a very sober discussion with my buddies in Seattle, and I hope the trend continues. 

Matt Chandler is the pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas.

UPDATE: I just finished listening to the message from Matt Chandler again and I almost broke down.  It's directed toward pastors and people in ministry, but it's relevant to you no matter who you are.  I'm working hard to not get too dramatic, but please, seriously, listen as soon as you can.  It just may save your life, or your marriage, or your church or ministry.