Friday Photo Group

Kevin Cawley has done Friday photo lovers a service.  Joe and I started the Friday Photo thing a couple of months ago (actually, I think Joe might have started it).  Kevin Cawley has created a Flickr group so all Friday Photos can be found in one place.  Great idea.  From Kevin's blog...

Earlier in the summer, I felt inspired to follow Joe & Steve's example by featuring one of the pictures I had taken during the week on my blog each Friday (not because I possess a fraction of their skill in photography, but because I thought it was fun).

As the number of people continues to increase that are posting "Friday Photos" on their blogs, I wanted to make it easy for us to aggregate all the "Friday Photo" entries in one location. Enter the new Friday Photo Group @ Flickr. I've set it up as an open group (eight members so far), and all are welcome to join and post one picture each Friday (read the rules here). Now, instead of cluttering up your Friday photo with thirteen links, you can just link the Friday Photo Group. Spread the word.

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