Me, Joe, and Andy Stanley

Joe Thorn and I faced a 16 hour road trip back home from Greensboro, NC.  What would we do? 

Would we listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio?  Would we debate the ancient-future longevity of the shofar?  Would we sleep?  Would we (again) loop the CD of Wolfmother or Espers over and over?  Would we grow tired of SBC politics and go mad???

None of the above.  Since I was the designated driver for the whole trip (not because Joe is a winebibber, but because I get carsick if I don't drive), Joe read aloud Seven Practices for Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley (and others).  He read on and off for the whole trip and finished the book about 5 miles from his house.

It was a very helpful & practical read for both of us as we think through the issues and problems and possibilities we face in our local churches.