Bad News

Shofar_gboro_header_7Joe and I left a bit early from the convention today.  We had considered leaving early anyway since we couldn't find anything worthwhile on the schedule for Wednesday night.  But it was a phone call from my wife that pressed us to leave.  My grandmother had a massive stroke Tuesday and isn't expected to live long.  So we felt it would be best to head home a little early. 

Oh, and here's what I missed.  Scott Slayton, my dear friend and fellow blogger, quotes Bobby (BOBBAY!) Welch as saying tonight, "Maybe if we spent less time blogging we would spend more time baptizing."

I guess that means that we won't reach 1 million "Everyone Can" brand baptisms by the fall, and now the bloggers are going to be blamed for it.

I hope by the end of the weekend to have a couple more posts up in response to a few things.  We are in a Comfort Inn in Indiana getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow my two oldest boys have their first baseball practice and I hope to be there.